How did we get here?

Brian and I have been regular Salvation Army and Goodwill donators for years.  We've always felt a sense of satisfaction in finding a second home for our belongings that are no longer serving a purpose in our lives.  Over all these years, I've never given much thought to what happens to all that "stuff" (in particular the clothing) after we leave them in the donation bins.  It all gets up-cycled back into the local community, right? 

Not exactly. Brian recently sent me a little light reading that opened my eyes to the fate of our second hand clothing.  "The Afterlife of Cheap Clothes", an excerpt from the novel "Overdressed: The Shocking High Cost of Cheap Fashion", explores what happens to clothing received by Goodwill and Salvation Army-like establishments.  Aside from learning that they receive more clothing than they could ever possibly sell, I couldn't get the statement out of my head that read: "by one estimate, used clothing is now the United States' number one export by volume".


The amount of clothing waste that we produce is shocking to me.  This waste exists not only in the physical sense of the actual discarded clothing itself, but in the wasted resources and the strain on the environment from the manufacturing process.  Shouldn't we be making more of an effort to get a full life out of the clothing in our closets?

This is the concept from which Threadlyte was born.  Threadlyte is an avenue for you to sell your gently-used and like-new outdoor clothing with the assurance that it will live to see another adventure.  The more clothing we can keep in circulation, the less we have to buy new - which is a big win for Mother Nature and the Earth's resources.  In return, you get some cash in your pocket, you off-load some clothing that you are no longer using, and if you are shopping, you score a piece of well-made, brand name outdoor apparel for a fraction of the price of buying new.  Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?  

We hope to see more of you in the Threadlyte marketplace - drop us a line if you have some clothing to sell or questions about the process, and keep an eye on our inventory for the right piece of clothing to enhance your outdoor experience. 

Wishing you and your clothing a long life of outdoor adventures,

Michelle and Brian Flickinger

Threadlyte Co-Founders