The National Park Service Turns 100

Two years ago we took a family road trip to Yellowstone.  Having been to Jackson a few years prior on a ski trip, I was beyond excited to come back to the area in the summer to explore the hiking trails and do some camping.  Yellowstone was gorgeous...however, it was also extremely crowded. Apparently I wasn't the only one excited to be there :)  The number of annual visits to Yellowstone and the adjacent Grand Teton National Park is up to 7.2 MILLION people.  That is double the visits from 30 years ago.

After failing to find a campsite in Yellowstone on our second night, we trekked south to the Tetons and were not disappointed. The campsites and trails were less crowded and the scenery was unmatched. (For the record, Yellowstone is an amazing place).

There are 58 National Parks in the US and plenty of lesser known parks where you won't battle the crowds of Yellowstone (check out this article for a few ideas).  Help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service and put one of these parks on your list for this summer.

Happy Adventuring!