Why Buy Secondhand? Read on...

Why Buy Secondhand? Read on...

Sometimes inspiration comes right when you need it the most.  The second-hand clothing business is logistically challenging.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with the steps it takes to efficiently get our clothing from one happy home to the next.  There are days when we look at each other and wonder why we decided to get into this industry in the first place. Fortunately, we are easily motivated :) and today that motivation came in the form of the latest Patagonia mailer.

The Patagonia catalog is like a magazine subscription for us. Lots of pretty pictures, great articles, and of course, some pretty fun clothing.  In the opening article (featured in the image above), the author lays out the environmental crisis that is the fashion industry, and outlines the ways that Patagonia is evolving its practices to be a more responsible player in the game.  Three statistics were highlighted which really struck me:
  • "Number of new clothing items produced each year: 150 billion"
  • "Pounds of used clothing that end up in landfills each year: 2.5 billion"
  • "Tons of CO2 emissions produced by the apparel and textile industry each year (second only to the petroleum industry): 2.1 million"
With numbers that big it is easy to feel like your efforts to consume less won't really make much of a difference.  Not true.  Think of how much the demand would decrease if everyone bought their next jacket second-hand.  Please help us change the dialogue about the second-hand clothing industry and spread the good word about Threadlyte.  It is getting colder out there so think of us when you are cleaning out your closet and considering a change in apparel for the upcoming winter.  Long live your outdoor clothing!

Thanks #patagonia.

Happy Adventuring!