FAQ | Your guide to buying and selling second hand outdoor clothing on Threadlyte

How does this work?

We try to make the process as easy as possible for you.
1. Request a "Pass it on Pouch" here.
2. Once you receive the "Pass it on Pouch", fill it up with clothing that is outdoor branded, has no holes or stains, and is in general great shape.
3. Attach the pre-paid shipping label to the bag, and drop it off at your local Fed-Ex location.
4. Upon receipt, we will inspect your items and make you an offer. Items that don't meet our rigorous criteria, will either be donated or returned to you at a charge of $12.99

How do I get my items to you?

Request a "Pass it on Pouch" and everything you need to send us your items will be included in that pouch.

When will I receive my check?

Generally speaking, we do check runs every Thursday, however we have been known to run checks sooner. After you accept our quote, you can expect your check with in 3-5 business days of the following Thursday.

What brands are accepted?

Below are a few examples of brands that we target and accept. We are constantly expanding on this list however, so if you are holding onto an outdoor focused garment, but do not see the brand listed below, send it to us anyways.

Helly Hansen
L.L. Bean
Mountain Hardware
North Face

What items do you accept?

We focus on second hand outdoor apparel, especially ski jackets and ski pants. However we do carry outerwear that is focused on the outdoors in all seasons such as rain jackets. Good condition is described as items that are without stains, holes, fraying, and no broken features. The garments must have original tags that state the size and brand on the inside.

What items are NOT Accepted?

Garments that have broken zippers or buttons, extensive fraying, holes or stains are not accepted. If general wear is such that it would not be considered "gently used" then we will not accept it. That means no duck tape!

Other items not accepted:

Underwear (an exception for long underwear)
Bathing suits
Anything that might be considered gear (sunglasses, belts, goggles, helmets, etc.)

What happens if my items don't meet your rigorous criteria?

We will contact you if there are Items that don't meet our rigorous criteria of condition, brand, and style. We will give you two options:

Option A: we will return the item for you at a cost of $12.99 to cover shipping expenses.

Option B: we will donate the items on your behalf to a local charity thrift store.

Shipping Costs?

Included in a "Pass it on Pouch" is everything you need to ship us your clothing including a shipping bag and a pre-paid shipping label. If you are purchasing with us, the customer pays for shipping unless your order is over $100, in which case there is free shipping.

How do you value my item?

We use 6 criteria to value your item:

1. Condition
2. Brand
3. Function (outerwear carries a higher value than fleeces)
4.Style (current or not)
5. Original retail value
6. Secondary market value

Do you consign items?

We do not consign items. We pay up front effectively buying the items. We compare ourselves to consignment shops but like to think that we are an easier option. We buy the item from you, less risk for you and cash in your pocket. Instant Gratification.

How do I let you know if I accept your quote?

Simply reply to our quote email with your selected option. It's that easy, and we'll take it from there!

Can you help me out with sizing?

Below are links to the company Size Charts for the majority of the brands we carry:

Helly Hansen
L.L. Bean
Lowe Alpine
New Balance
North Face
Pearl Izumi
Under Armour