Why Buy Used?

Not sold on the idea of buying your next piece of high quality outdoor clothing second-hand?

Buying second-hand outdoor clothing saves you money

Buying second-hand gives you the clothes you want without putting the hurt on your bank account. We all know that you pay a premium for name brand, high-quality clothing, and with good reason; it is typically made better, will last longer, and will out-perform it's bargain brand counterparts when put to the test. Buying these brand name labels gently-used is a way to get the quality you are looking for at a price that is a little easier to digest.

There is a huge environmental impact to clothing production, buying second-hand clothing reduces the demand on production.

High quality clothing is made to live a long, useful life. Buying second-hand helps offset the environmental impact of textile production by ensuring these clothes are used to their full potential.  Polyester is made from petroleum, thus, oil is required in its production and there are toxic emissions released as a by-product of the process. Growing cotton requires the use of pesticides and huge amounts of water - both have a significant implications for the environment.  In buying higher quality products and cutting back on the amount of clothing we consume, we reduce the demand on production and as a result, give the environment a break.

Buy second-hand outdoor clothing to save money, protect the environment, and spend more time outside.

Threadlyte's mission is to make high quality outdoor clothing accessible to everyone.  We'll help you get a great deal on gently-used apparel that is made to last.  This leaves you with the clothing you want at a reasonable price, with the added bonus of knowing that you are doing your part to help reduce consumption and preserve our natural resources.  Here's to the Great Outdoors.